April 18, 2020

Terminally Ill beats Covid-19

How do you beat a global-wide pandemic?…… Reminisce on the precious moments we shared together before this bullshit started. This video exemplifies the notion that life is short, unpredictable and not to be taken for granted… L-O-FUCKING-L … Ooooor this video prooves that life is complete buillshit and nothing is to be taken too seriously, as it will most likely come crashing down uncontrollably despite how hard you have worked to set up a good life for yourself… Guess this is one of those “is my dick half hard or have flaccid” kindof perspectives… Which side will you be on? How will you reflect and internalize the events that have led us to this point in life, and how will you adjust your attitude and actions moving forward?

With that said, please take a look at the “new songs” that we have been playing for 2+ years now that may or may not be recorded in some official fashion. If this is the only living proof that we have written music past the “Giving Up” album, then so be it. Hopefully that is not the case… Fucking enjoy it, bitch…

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