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Terminally Ill

Scholars have predicted that Terminally Ill will not only go on to become the most successful and popular band on the face of the Earth, they have also claimed that Terminally Ill will literally change physics and single-handedly override the government, God, AND the Illuminati. Terminally Ill's fierce genre blend of punk rock and hip hop is intense enough to melt through your bowl piece, yet melodic enough to make Stephen Hawking tap his feet with joy. With four hit music videos, one E.P., and countless live performances under their collective belts, Terminally Ill has proven to be a group of seasoned lyrical sorcerers sent from NOT OF THIS WORLD to show THIS WORLD that there is more to life than mindlessly and aimlessly sauntering through your existence, desultorily squandering every undemanding opportunity strewn before your dumb, repulsive, unappreciative face. They want to have fun as well.

Ryan Risetter

Providing the backbone for Terminally Ill's coveted lyrical quartet is the artist formerly known as Ryan. With an unhealthy penchant for crossing the line, Ryan is the reason your parents drink and your girlfriend hates you. When he's not out murdering the rhyme scheme, you can catch him passed out on your couch in a sweat-soaked dress shirt.

Steffen Buratti

With a razor-sharp wit and vocal patterns that could tounge-tie a Hungarian auctioneer, Steffen Illuminati is charisma personified. Known to be something of a swagger hound, his wardrobe will make your grandmothers couch jealous, and your uncle's bowling alley carpet uneasy. You can catch this rude, mean and marvelous motherfucker bumping' dirty to trap beats eight days a week. So, pour one out for your childhood dreams, because Steffen Illuminati's molesting the rap game harder than Michael Jackson and the bartenders from Slidebar combined

Chris Rock

He'll fight your dad and fondle your girlfriend; he's the P-town Skrillionaire (or Chris Rock, to the uninformed). Hailing from the seedy underbelly of Placentia's meth-lab district, Chris possesses the uncanny ability to be both a stand-up guy and a total piece of shit, simultaneously. His frantic delivery and "funny-because-it's-true" attitude are hallmarks of the Terminally Ill aesthetic.

Anton Bartolic

Anton Bartolic may come off as a cultivated and mannerly young man, but contrary to popular belief, Anton IS the thuggish ruggish bone. With his quick wit and lyrical dexterity it is safe to say that Anton is the best rapper in Terminally Ill, and possibly on this Earth. Anton is not only a lyrical sorcerer, he also shreds guitar solos harder than Shreddy Krueger, Shreddy Van Halen, and Shreddy Vedder all shredded up in a cheese grader. You can find this tall glass of water on any given Sunday bumpin' Deftones and 93.5 KDAY in his Loredo as he's Tom Crusin' to the donut shop to take a fat slush puppy to the dome.

John Doherty

John puts the mental in experimental. His unique taste in music has given Terminally Ill an unforeseen genre twist. The guitar riff that he wrote for the smash hit single "Act Sick" has proven to be a crowd favorite and certified 2K13 banger. His innovative song writing will keep Terminally Ill afloat through years of procrastination and unprofessionalism. You can find this impressive creature sipping tall cans of PBR at The Cabin and jamming around the fire on his acoustic guitar.

Bran Lubeley

If it wasn't for Bryan's skills and professionalism Terminally Ill would be a group of dumb raging alcoholics. With Bryan's skills and professionalism Terminally Ill is a group of dumb raging alcoholics with a really good drummer. Bryan is the man and will destroy any human or zyborg on the kit. He is the owner of a wonderful business in Anaheim, CA called THE BATTERY. This is the recording studio where all the magic happens. Hit us up if you would like to your shit there.

Cody Snowden

Deriving from the dankness of local hometown heroes Hillside Noise, Cody Snowden is no stranger to the T Ill game. When asked to play bass for Terminally Ill he blushed like an innocent school boy and politely said feeer suuuuuuuuuure. Several months and beers later Cody's balls deep in the mix and getting bottles cracked over his head at bars… talkin' bout livin' the dream! This kid is beyond down for the cause, and an awesome addition to the band.

Micro Bro

The latest addition to the Terminally Ill family is the one and only MicroBro. He's the official Terminally Ill hype man, head spinning and break dancing his way to the top. One second you're at a typical show (boring) - the next moment your mind is blown (awesome). He's the man.